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Solar panels convert sunlight into another form of energy, typically heat or electricity, with the help of solar photovoltaic cells. All the PV cells in a single solar panel can generate sufficient electricity to power your home or even warehouses.

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Benefits of Using a Solar PV System for Your Properties

A Clean and Green Energy Source

The most prominent advantage of PV cells is the clean and green energy it provides. There is no fear or worry about the panels generating any harmful greenhouse gasses into the air like carbon dioxide.


Solar PV cells can generate electricity anywhere. All it requires is sunlight, making it a useful energy source while going on camping trips, travelling, and on long car trips.

Reduced Costs

The economic viability and environmental sustainability outweigh the cost of installation. In addition, the rates are expected to reduce substantially within the next few years, which makes PV cells an investment worth making.

Low In Maintenance

Solar PV cells are known for their low maintenance and operating costs compared with other renewable energy systems.

Key Features

Efficient SG offers premier services for all engineering works with extensive key features for all products with great emphasis on providing a high level of employee & customer support to ensure the assignments are completed.

Fully Customized Service

We design and install your preferred Solar PV system based on your needs and usage to maximise the benefits of a Solar PV System with maintenance support for maximum efficiency and cost.

Rapid Large Scale Deployment

Our team of Electrical engineers and qualified licensed technicians with extensive product certifications, training and licensed electrical work experience. We have the capability to install and maintain a range of combinations systems at a large scale.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Support

Full turnkey solutions for all types of Solar PV installation from residential to industrial with a dedicated maintenance team to ensure your solar PV system performs as expected. With full support from consultancy, sizing of requirements and installations of solar panels on various roof surfaces and sites.

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