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Our Professional services software development allows businesses to develop customised software, optimised back-end systems, and responsive websites related to delivering their core service offerings. In ENI, We build and design your software to balance productivity, personalised services, and knowledge management.

Our Solutions

We can design and customise solutions that cover and are not limited to:

Fintech & Open-Banking

Blockchain & Defi

Document AI

Contact Center AI

Benefits of an AI and Machine Solution

Bugs and Errors Identification

It helps developers to automatically find, diagnose and fix bugs without the interruption of developers. They don’t need to put their brains out on executable files filled with errors. Moreover, developers can also implement machine learning technology in the software testing phase to improve the quality of the program.

Enhanced Data Security

With the help of AI, you can easily fetch the data using machine learning, which distinguishes inappropriate data based on their normal behaviours. And if you own a custom software development company, you can implement AI in your development lifecycle which helps you avoid delayed warnings, false notifications, and alerts.

Intelligent Assistants

Generally, developers are spending too much time reading the documentation and debugging code. But developers can now save plenty of time by providing in-time support and recommendations like best practices, code examples, and relevant documents by using intelligent programming assistants.

Key Features

Efficient SG offers premier services for all engineering works with extensive key features for all products with great emphasis on providing a high level of employee & customer support to ensure the assignments are completed.

Professional IT Team with Certification

With certified IT professionals, we can augment or supplement an existing IT department that can be useful to a corporate or government client in a variety of ways.

Proactive Monitoring

Our software comes with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure that all of your business’ critical network devices are functioning and to prevent downtime.

Local Support On-Demand

Our team are available onsite or remote IT support for your convenience with timely response time for emergency situations at your convenience.

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