Cellular/Wireless System Engineering

Design-Build Wireless Systems | Communications Technology Solutions

Our enterprise and carrier-class network designs and solutions meet all current wireless service provider standards in Singapore for engineering design, performance, reliability, and component selection criteria.

Our Solutions

We can design and customise various solutions that cover

Scalable WiFi/5G/4G LTE

AI-Driven Wireless

Complete Network and RF System Architecture, Design and Implementation

Field Support Engineering Services

Data and Internet Access Systems

Benefits of a Cellular System in your Business

Enhanced Responsiveness

Remote or field-deployed personnel benefit the most from mobile communication technology.

There are more ways than ever to get in touch with team members, meaning more ways for employees to receive notifications and respond to relevant communications. The days of using landline phones and hoping someone was at their desk are over.

Improved Collaboration

With telecom services, these teams are equipped with the technology necessary to collaborate from any location – allowing for optimal productivity, enhanced connectivity, and increased teamwork.


Using a cell phone in the business allows for increased flexibility when working, which has numerous advantages.

The more flexible you are, the greater the chances you can show clients your business is the one to go with.

Organizational Productivity

Our productivity increases when we use mobile devices. Many productivity apps can help us manage our time. We can save time for our clients/customers by using a mobile device.

For example, many online shops have online mobile apps by which you can place orders directly from your mobile.

Key Features

Efficient SG offers premier services for all engineering works with extensive key features for all products with great emphasis on providing a high level of employee & customer support to ensure the assignments are completed.

Cellular Reliability

Our cellular systems operate in licensed bands, which dictate the performance and reliability of communication. We also provide for a known number of connections per tower, which are actively managed behind the scenes, thus providing guarantees on service and reliability.

Low Power Consumption

Our cellular protocols not only save power when not in use but also transmit relatively small amounts of data with minimal power usage. Advances in wake/sleep modes on modern hardware also contribute to this key feature of maintaining low power consumption.

Rapid Large Scale Deployment

Our team of Electrical engineers and qualified licensed technicians with extensive product certifications, training and licensed electrical work experience. We have the capability to install and maintain a range of combinations systems at a large scale.

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